brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence

49db2c50-a950-4e5b-ad8f-9d6095426eccSAVING LIVES IN INDONESIA

After the first trial installation was supplied in 2009 and recognized the Brifen System Wire Rope Safety Barrier is a proven system that prevent head-on smashes also prevent serious accidents, PT. Marga Mandalasakti the owner of Tangerang – Merak Toll Road is happy with Brifen System performance and awarded further contract to Cakra International for installation totaling over 45,000 mtr stretch until 2012.

new installation of 9Km at mojokerto east java and recent 10km at cipali west java. The system tested to EN 1317H1 and show result to stop truck and buses

aboutusCakra Int’l appointed by Brifen UK as a Licensee Company in Indonesia. Vincent Poernomo the company Director had been working for more than 10 years to introduce the System to Indonesian Government and the Wire Rope Barrier was finally accepted and specified in Public Works Department to be the alternative Safety System in the country.

Since then more than thousands impacts of small vehicle, buses and heavy trucks hit the system with minor damage and most important is saved people lives.

Vincent continue to promote the Brifen System Wire Rope Safety Barrier in Indonesia and other Brifen Group Company product such as Bridge Parapets.

We are here to do business by saving people lives.

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